Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★★

The world does keep moving and it can be a damn cruel place, but for me those moments of stillness, that place, that’s the Kingdom of God. And that place will never abandon you.

To understand being deaf whether it’s fully or partially, I’ll never understand. My father, years ago, emphasized how important hearing is in life. He told me this because he is almost permanently deaf in his left ear and this must have been a traumatic experience for him over the course of his life. I go crazy already if my ear is blocked just temporarily. So I’ve always took it upon myself to bring ear plugs to shows whenever I attend them. This movie spoke about being deaf in such a way where it was completely compassionate and authentic. With a captivating performance, I felt for Riz Ahmed through his internal struggle to get his life together knowing his character, Ruben, is losing something (and more) that meant the world to him and made him a living. For everything I felt sad about in this movie there was always something that genuinely made me smile while also feeling cathartic about it. Especially the last three minutes of the film. Sound of Metal is hands down my favorite movie of the year.