Mirror ★★★★★

This film really got me thinking: about life, death, relationships and life experiences. The way this film is put together is something I don’t yet understand but yet adore so much. The brilliant mix of autobiography, dream like sequences, imagery and archive footage just left me in awe even though I didn’t quite grasp the overall plot. 

This is my second tarkovsky film and already one of my favourite filmmakers without a doubt, the way he directs feels so poetic and beautiful and this is some of the best cinematography I have ever seen. From this film I have 3 new favourite shots; the fire,the melting house and the floating girl. All of these shots have layers and symbolism and amaze me in the way they were framed, directed and choreographed.

The amount of layers to this film blows me away, even if I admit I was overwhelmed, each scene feels extremely personal to tarkovsky and you can feel his passion oozing in almost every moment. This Definitely feels like a film that will grow more important to me as time goes on as I love it now and can’t wait to try to understand it more on rewatches.
It doesn’t feel as rewatchable as say Stalker, but this one is fairly short and goes by quick.

Another thing I have discovered with tarkovsky is his use of time and how it immerses the viewer into the world. His films are extremely slow paced with lingering shots and plenty of space inbetween dialogue but somehow I never feel bored and am always 100% invested. The way he lingers on what other filmmakers would try to avoid or cut out just makes his films that much more poetic and mesmerising.

Another masterpiece by Tarkovsky can’t wait to analysise this and Stalker and I’m also anticipating watching more of his work