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  • Daredevil



    Ineffable. Let me count the ways...
    -Escape from L.A. tier cgi.
    -Irish Nu-Metal Bullseye.
    -Gangsta Kingpin (arguably the best thing about this).
    -Jennifer Garner slicing up sandbags to WAKE ME UP INSIDE.
    -Daredevil killing a rapist and then literally STALKING a woman he fancies a few scenes later.
    -Murdock and Foggy Nelson having completely separate approaches to lawyership even though they run the same fucking firm together.
    -Murdock and Foggy talking about relationships over coffee at a sub Central Perk…

  • Legend



    'As long as the sun still shines, we can destroy him.'

    Can't think of a more potent image for right now than Mia Sara crying as she watches her whole world wither and die through a window, wind billowing outside, glass frosting over, tears crystallising.

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  • Unaired Abduction Interview

    Unaired Abduction Interview


    This is the most 2006 thing I've ever seen in my life and I mean that as the highest of compliments. That a-m-a-z-i-n-g hyper-echoey & ultra-distorted audio quality gave me serious classic spooky internet mystery vibes, like the kind of thing you'd unearth scrolling youtube on your bed at 3AM six years after it was originally uploaded and it only has like 20 views and you can't get to sleep that night and keep having to tell yourself that it's obviously…

  • Neuromancer


    Oh yeah that's right just give one of the best science fiction novels ever written to the guy who made fucking DEADPOOL.

    Never thought I'd be praying for this movie to stay in development hell, yet here we are.