Captain Marvel ★★★★★

i'm just a girl in the world
women are always told to keep their emotions in check, to be less reactive, that they are not good enough, that their thoughts and opinions don't matter and that they will never truly belong anywhere. every little incident that caused carol to react in her flashbacks is something basically every woman has faced. yeah, carol danvers gets her superpowers from a blast but her strength comes from being a human and from being a woman. the fact that letting her emotions out is how her full power is unlocked... now that's some poetic shit right there. the part that especially made me fall in love with this movie was that her actions weren't driven by a man and that she wasn't given a male love interest to give her "purpose". she makes up her own damn mind. carol danvers is literally the most powerful and greatest comic book character i know and anyone that fights me on this, just know that i've had it up to here.

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