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  • Incredibles 2

    Incredibles 2


    it’s fun and definitely worth the wait...kinda

    on a sidenote, i went to watch it in the cinema and the AC wasn’t working so it was incredibly(haha) warm in the theater, good thing the recliner seats more than made up for it 👍🏽. i wouldn’t have been able to watch it with all the sweaty arm touching.  😐

  • Padman



    As cheesy as it is, it's very important to have these kind of films in south asian society. Periods are still seen as taboo/embarrassment when it's natural to the body(there would be no babies if periods didn't happen!!) so I'm glad they made a movie based on a real life event.
    In that sense, it's good and educational in a commercial way where everyone can understand.

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  • Mother


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    of course an immigrant is the evil character, of course, they are just waiting to ruin the lives of people in the land they are completely foreign, why wouldn't they.

    also what the fuck is up with the horrible representation of autism jesus, no wonder it took me two days to finish it. awful.

    (sad thing is, the story is there, it could've been so good)

  • A Letter to Momo

    A Letter to Momo


    Ahhhhhhh, this is wonderful and poignant.

    Didn't even realise it was 2 hours long!