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  • Fast & Furious 6

    Fast & Furious 6


    "This is different. We're not dealing with cops. We're not dealing with drug dealers. This a whole different level."

    The vehicular action scenes exemplify this. They're the most ambitious and thrilling of the franchise thus far whether racing through London streets or battling a tank on a Spanish freeway.

    The overall entertainment value is dragged down slightly by the unnecessary Braga and laborious Letty subplots though, as well as the multiple Gisele in distress moments (it should have been gender…

  • The Quatermass Xperiment

    The Quatermass Xperiment


    Essentially Mary Shelley's Event Horizon, there's a lot to like about this early Hammer Films horror sci-fi hybrid.

    Brian Donlevy's Quatermass is not one of them. He's brusque and haughty and a difficult character to like.

    Richard Wordsworth's pointedly-named Victor, however, is a triumph of concept, performance and make-up design.

    The pacing is a little off, with the last thirty minutes the most interesting by far but arriving around thirty minutes too late.

    "Gonna start again..."

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