Scooby-Doo ½

Fucking worthless. It strips the original source material of nearly everything that made it special and likable, but forgets to add anything worthwhile as a substitute and dumbs it down to a pulp.

If that's not enough, it also contains the most fucking abysmal plot twist I've ever seen in a major motion picture. I'm baffled that Warner Bros. considered this theater-worthy for the longest time, and doubly insulted that it gave people the gall to give such an irredeemably awful pile of garbage like this a cult following. A new low for live-action movies based on any fictional property. Not even The Last Airbender is this wretched.

But, at least it's better than Artemis Fowl. At least I can safely remind people that this movie doesn't exist.

Viva la "SCOOB!".

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