"A Very Prideful Birthday Month" Scavenger Hunt 28 Hosted by Dex - July 2017

Hi everybody! And welcome to what I hope is too polarising or tough of a hunt for a long, hot and/or wet July. This is the 28th Official Letterboxd Scavenger Hunt. Thank you to Evan Whitford for taking care of all of you last month. Now this month. I have poured out some research, pride, personality and personal details in order to give you these 31 tasks. It's been a hot 2 weeks (technically the last two days were the hottest) trying to sort it out for the bloody lot of you! But now, it's here and I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts, even if I am unable to operate on my own hunt, because I am a juror…

  • North Sea Texas

    1.North Sea Texas


    1. Romance. Cruising. Loud music. Cocktails. Summer time is always the best time for Pride season. So let us begin. (Pick a film that features a representation of the LGBT+ community. Sees how it feels to be us when coming out of the closet, to your family and friends, hopefully ending happy and desperately seeking visions for happiness and closure through this list for example: letterboxd.com/yung_narcissus/list/queer-essentials-for-the-newly-initiated/ )

    Why?: The task is simple enough for all of you, but writing the description for this task reminded me of how happy I get when seeing new characters almost like myself on screen, making the opportunity to be romantic as they wish. I thought the chosen list was appropriate to find the feeling of finding a film for myself for the first time.

    In this case: Almost chose it for my first hunt, a film in Dutch. But it just missed out. But yeah, this was quite a while ago, and not was going to push me out of the actual closet until 2013. They look so cute!

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  • Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

    2.Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

    2. Sheffield Doc Fest was where I was working and thankfully, I will try to open up more to documentaries as a result. Plus Louie Theroux happened to be there, talking to Nick Broomfield. (I didn’t meet him because I was still off resting Sunday.) (Pick a unseen film from his Twelve Terrific Documentaries. letterboxd.com/philipkennedy/list/louis-therouxs-twelve-terrific-documentaries )

    Why?: You might think I'm lazy, but it's simply just fan service for a expert, who I didn't see in person but trust very much, and for all we know, we may find a good one from these twelve chosen. Maybe twelve is better than a thousand to choose from.

    In this case: This sounds so tragic! Why am I choosing this? Documentary can be a good form in order to cover such a sad and unfortunate story.

  • Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

    3.Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

    3. We all know that we love to sing and listen along to songs, but film stars should never miss out. (Pick a film that sung a song on a “Sung by the Movies” video: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZ9yYLt3G9zhM2DerWVxDD23VVyONkpyI )

    Why?: Because it's a fantastic way of discovering a film and seeing a "sneak preview", even though you won't get any spoilers. Plus it means a big bonus watching these videos and as you will see on the "Baby Got Back" video, you'll be quite amused of how well the sample (Me So Horny! of Full Metal Jacket) from the original song fit in. I hope it's not too much choice to choose from, probably is, but as you can see, it's always a viral sensation.

    In this case: From Matthijs Vlot's "Adele's Hello by the Movies", Yep! I'm in the mood for a game of "Hump the Hostess". I read it might be depressing.

  • Yankee Doodle Dandy

    4.Yankee Doodle Dandy

    4. I am not American but how could I let Americans miss out on a public holiday-themed task? Donald Trump might miss out, but only because I know he has missed out a lot of Pride season. (Pick a film featuring events from or celebrating the 4th of July. )

    Why?: Oh! I hope I don't cause turmoil for myself here. But even though I'm British, and all Independence days involve the loss of the British somehow, I thought it'd be kind to allow you Americans to celebrate your bank holiday.

    In this case: Goodness. It might not be the most special or emotional. But I might just like it.

  • Jack and the Beanstalk

    5.Jack and the Beanstalk

    5. Nostalgia Critic is known for taking the piss out of average to bad films, but sometimes he can get serious by talking about feelings for certain films, or just use this fortnightly series as an excuse to have a sketch-less Top 11 countdown. Poor Tamara/Rachel and Malcolm, much better intellect! (Pick a film that was featured on a episode of Nostalgia Critic Editorials.)

    Why?: It is still such a unique idea to have someone who is supposed to be comedic to be serious about films most of the time. And even though, the list of Nostalgia Critic Editorials revolves around quite mainstream content, there are some hidden treasures like this one.

    In this case: The closest that an editorial has ever been to a real Nostalgia Critic review. Maybe a film review that was written years ago or made Doug Walker struggle with sketch ideas, but this film is quite weird and I want to look more into it.

  • Adam


    6. With me being diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, or Autism Spectral Disorder, I am proud to advocate for all of these, or rather us, people on the spectrum. (Pick an autism-related film, excluding those sponsored by Autism Speaks. Examples here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_films_about_autism )

    Why?: Not to be a SJW, it's just me looking out for you choosing the right content with positivity and our talents. Autism Speaks' content is open for way too much contribution from parents and never us ourselves, plus there is also the possible hints, from the organisation's founder, that it is OK to kill your autistic kids. I know it might be a strict suggestion, but there's a bigger world out there.

    In this case: One that I've known about for a while since the Sky Movies premiere, but never watched this. I get fussy about portrayals but I hope this is good. I did not know Rose Byrne appeared on this.

  • The Intouchables

    7.The Intouchables

    7. Autism is one of the disabilities and mental holdbacks that is eligible under the Disability Living Allowance, replaced by the Personal Independence Payment, in the UK. But controversially, some may not want it to be seen as their main focus, or they just choose not to. (Pick a film where characters’ disability is not seen as the main focus.)

    Why?: Another controversial task, although for good reason. "Me Before You" won't count because the disability is still a plot point, in a rather polarising way. But if it is all focused on friendship, a mission or a somewhat exciting adventure, then that's that.

    In this case: Yes, I think I got this, plus it's a major success. I think it will be sweet.

  • The Full Monty

    8.The Full Monty


    8. Siskel and Ebert was one of the most famous and popular duos on television, with an unusual trait, film reviewing. But all of the focus has obviously been on Ebert since he has lived longer and sadly passed away recently. But Siskel has just got your attention right now! (Pick a film that was featured on Gene Siskel's Best Ten from 1969 to 1998: letterboxd.com/eiganerd/list/gene-siskel-best-ten-lists-1969-1998/ )

    Why?: I think it's obvious why. Whilst Ebert would be a good friend of his, I just don't think Siskel has got as much attention as he would have wanted, so I'm just setting it right. Not to cause any death feud!

    In this case: I think it's obvious to you why this is here. But this is available on Netflix UK. Also, The Real Full Monty has aired recently, hence the desire to watch this.

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  • To Die For

    9.To Die For

    9. July 9th 1995 is my birthday. (Simply pick a film from my birth year 1995 or to get even closer to my birthday, from July 1995. I will allow films that were delayed over from 1994 for a certain country, since for example, some of us didn’t see Toy Story until 1996!)

    Why?: It's my birthday. Duh!

    In this case: I only just remembered about this from a image of Nicole Kidman just smiling with a magnetic weather symbol, so I've chose this to take a look at what I would have been way too young for.

  • Come and See

    10.Come and See

    10. Ivica Pusticki has recently finished his ambiguous list of “Films You Must See Before You Die” with your help, in a record breaking five months. (To celebrate, let’s use it for its very purpose by picking a unseen film from this list: letterboxd.com/ivica_pusticki/list/finished-project-1001-movies-you-must-see/ )

    Why?: Simply giving Ivica both a thank you and congratulations for completing seemingly a long fletched mission for collecting contributions from many Letterboxd users.

    In this case: I've seen this poster many times, from less than a decade ago on IMDB's Top 250, although not sure what to expect at all.

  • Knowing


    11. Sometimes, you need to trust your instinct and the instinct of other members of Letterboxd. Unlike other notable “Before You Die” lists like this, several films reach 3.2 or under, currently 68 to choose from to be exact. (Pick a film from that very same list with the “Lowest Score First”, 3.2 or under. No films 3.3 or over allowed! letterboxd.com/ivica_pusticki/list/finished-project-1001-movies-you-must-see/by/rating-lowest/)

    Why?: Because I'm a bad bitch! Plus, these people who have added these contributions may be trolls or they might be very honest. I'm not sure myself yet. But then I did add League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse, which is rated 3.0, yet I have no idea with the film featuring Victoria Wood.

    In this case: I don't think I'll be looking forward to this. But it's my grandfather's Blu-ray from 2011/2, but he has never asked for it back!

  • The Eagle Huntress

    12.The Eagle Huntress


    12. Rewind to 2012, I was obsessing with a certain song going No. 1, released post-album, Titanium by David Guetta and Sia. (Pick a film with a song by David Guetta and/or Sia as soundtrack.)

    Why?: Don't moan! It's just me being nostalgic for the days where not everything was a sample or Ed Sheeran song. Plus I'm a big fan of Sia. Not so much of David Guetta nowadays. You might find a mysterious film or two here.

    In this case: A recent Oscar/BAFTA nominee. It was also screened at a Student Cinema conference, but I had important things to attend to at that conference.

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  • All About My Mother

    13.All About My Mother


    13. Alive, but only just. There are many people each year who goes through traumatic treatment only to be put onto a waiting list. (In tribute to those waiting or those who have made it, watch a film featuring a case of organ donation.)

    Why?: This was my fiancé John's suggestion for a task as he wants to become a nurse in the future. And I happily take it onboard. Organ donation is a hard subject with a hard solution. Would you donate an organ after you died?

    In this case: I didn't realise that this film would be that serious. But I happily choose it.

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  • Yongary, Monster from the Deep

    14.Yongary, Monster from the Deep

    14. Only 3 months to this day since Season 11 came out (April 14th) and there is no sign of a DVD release just yet but still, especially since I'm a member of the Revival League there should never be a bad time to not give this task. (Choose a film from MST3K Season 11, unriffed or riffed. If all of them are watched and/or you are not the obsessive rewatcher of Avalanche or Starcrash, see if you can pick a unseen film from MST3K.)

    Why?: It could be me being greedy, or me just giving this task after funding the first Netflix season. That's right I'm part of the Revival League and proud.

    In this case: I'm still a few episodes behind this. But I hope to get to this in no time at all.

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  • Kirikou and the Sorceress

    15.Kirikou and the Sorceress


    15. Your 15th birthday and you realise that you have 20-something films from this list you never watched as a child. Too old, too late? Bugger off! NEVER! (Pick a film from “BFI Films to watch before you’re 14”: letterboxd.com/martinrj/list/bfi-50-films-to-see-before-youre-14/ )

    Why?: It just shows that age doesn't matter. We just got to catch up with it or show all of these films to our children or the school curriculum.

    In this case: I actually remember finding a PS1 game of this a whole decade back, and obviously giggling at the nudity like all other examples of nudity. But I never knew there was a film of this, hence the purpose of the list to make people discover films.

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  • Greyfriars Bobby: The True Story of a Dog

    16.Greyfriars Bobby: The True Story of a Dog

    16. It is the common family to have a dog, cat, bird, pig etc, either instead of romance or complete peace and quiet, usually sacrificed for the kids. (Film featuring a person or family and an animal as a companion.)

    Why?: Another suggestion from John (jmw300). I suppose this is a very human task so I hope you like this.

    In this case: I do find this dog cute and the story is quite famous and heartbreaking, so I'd give this a go.

  • Wolf Children

    17.Wolf Children


    17. Now, this was my situation at age 17. Whether you are part of a family unit or you only watch films on your own, you know you are in good hands when there is much less violence, sex and drugs than what society pushes you to watch, a.k.a. all you have here is your inner child. But you might find a new and good one to watch from here. (Pick an unseen family film rated 3.3 or higher.)

    Why?: Another opportunity to find great, unseen family films for your whole family, either today or in the future. Otherwise, you may end up getting stuck on Peppa Pig's mud pie!

    In this case: Been wanting to watch this for bloody ages. Adorable but it may be heartbreaking too.

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  • Kazaam


    18. However, you do not realise that every child, even an inner child, becomes a fan of something you instantly regret. WARNING: Contrary to public opinion, not every bad family film features Adam Sandler. (Pick a unseen family film rated 3.2 or lower.)

    Why?: Because I'm a bad bitch. Although easier than the other category.

    In this case: I have not seen Shaq act.

  • Female Trouble

    19.Female Trouble

    19. Born on October 19th, ate dog shit from March 17th, disgusting when alive for the next 42 years, Divine eternally. (A film featuring Harris Glenn Milstead a.k.a. Divine.)

    Why?: I love all of her films so she was easy to pay tribute to.

    In this case: I'm almost caught on her films with John Waters. Yay!

  • Man with a Movie Camera

    20.Man with a Movie Camera

    20. This is a idea that makes me curious. We all know the Soviet Union, or the USSR, as the country of Stalin, but most of it became Russia. What did the rest of the Union look like? (Pick a film made in the Soviet Union, but outside of Russia, during the existence of the Soviet Union.)

    Why?: It does make me curious, since Russia is the highest of the former Soviet countries on my stats.

    In this case: This is Ukrainian. And this is a film I've been wanting to watch for a while. (changed from Earth (1930), because I did not even know this was Ukrainian in the first place.)

  • Starter for 10

    21.Starter for 10

    21. At 21, University is a pain. There is no such thing as being an adult here. In fact, you can expect all of your nervous breakdowns to be here. (Pick a film set in College or University. Bonus points if you find one with main characters being teetotal or less drunk than others, which is my current situation.)

    Why?: A lot of good films take place in academics, but this is the best way of explaining of my pain. I'll be surprised if people are more relaxed on your choices. Oh wait, most script writers don't understand young adults.

    In this case: Argh! British university. Sure it's Oxford, but that proves that I can expect a bit more from this.

  • Bell-Bottom George

    22.Bell-Bottom George


    22. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22. Gawd, I miss my hometown! (Pick a film that was filmed or set in Blackpool, or much closer to home and much rarer, Fleetwood.)

    Why?: It was originally meant to be just Fleetwood. But I actually would have made it too hard. It was a choice between this and Frozen starring Harry Potter's Shirley Henderson, but I like Blackpool just as much, although Fleetwood is more peaceful and quiet.

    In this case: It's George Formby. I mean not too familiar but I know a few tunes from him. Not expecting it to be too funny but I always give my respect to local idols.

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  • The Clock

    23.The Clock


    23. Liza Minnelli was only 23 when her mother Judy Garland sadly passed away in 1969. I was going to host in June 2019 so this could have been more powerful but.... let’s pay tribute anyway. (Pick a film starring Judy Garland)

    Why?: I recently been watching a bit of Liza Minnelli and I love Judy Garland so any excuse to put in this gay icon. Although people from Stonewall don't necessarily connect her to themselves, I don't care. She was very talented and I wanted her on my hunt.

    In this case: This sounds a bit weird. So I thought this would be the one!

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  • The Selfish Giant

    24.The Selfish Giant

    24. It is the first UNESCO City of Film and the University city I happen to be living in. And when you are midway to the underground tunnel from the Science + Media Museum to the City Park or the NCP car park, there's a chance that you can see a film you've chosen covered in the art on the walls. (Pick a film that was filmed or set in Bradford.)

    Why?: Because it's my University city. And although my fiance has made me hate the Council's guts and lack of professionalism/artistry, particularly at Christmas time, to the point of wanting to move at least 2/3 years after graduation, I would like you to take a look for yourselves at films filmed right here.

    In this case: This looks quite decent and beautiful. One of only two films on the Wikipedia category "Films set in Bradford"?!? Ah well. But do search properly for this task!

  • Womb


    25. Doctor Who is one of the most extensive sci-fi shows of all time and featured 12 actors in the main role: The Doctor. Fortunately, unlike stars of other TV shows, the stars should have been on plenty of films for you to find. (Pick a film, excluding Doctor Who stories, featuring an actor who previously played The Doctor on Doctor Who. Worried about tiring from too much time travel? Here's a helpful list from oh_dae_su: letterboxd.com/oh_dae_su/list/the-doctors-who/ )

    Why?: I've been a fan of Doctor Who since 2003, so how could I resist this task?

    In this case: Matt Smith being the cutest of the Doctors, has appeared in the more swankiest films, being made just before he became the Eleventh and "final" Doctor. And this is no exception. Might be a bit too indie, but shouldn't be too bad.

  • Foxes


    26. The ONLY composer you could relax, chill, get horrified by drug police, fall in love to or have the time of your life dancing to I Feel Love at a rave. (Pick a film featuring Giorgio Moroder as film composer or soundtrack.)

    Why?: Giorgio Moroder has always been one of my favourites here. And many great films and tunes for you to choose from.

    In this case: 80s Jodie Foster. Hurrah!

  • AD/BC: A Rock Opera

    27.AD/BC: A Rock Opera


    27. Britain. Britain. Britain. The rousing words of former Doctor Who Tom Baker as he announces a surreal announcement for Little Britain, but what about the film efforts of the two main stars? (Pick a film featuring David Walliams and/or Matt Lucas)

    Why?: A harder and more typically British category for you. Little Britain is basically a long-standing duo, nowadays going for solo efforts, but they are not one for films, but fortunately for their own specials.

    In this case: Thank you Matt Lucas for appearing on this little beauty with Matt Berry and Richard Ayoade. You will always be noted for this!

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  • Piccadilly


    28. The United Kingdom might be well known for the odd hit comedy or drama, but there was a time when they potentially had a film industry to rival Hollywood. (Pick a British silent film that was made during the silent era. If you’re struggling for examples, the best examples for me come from the documentary Silent Britain: www.imdb.com/title/tt0816827/trivia?tab=mc&ref_=tt_trv_cnn )

    Why?: Now this is fantastic! They really did seem to want to rival Hollywood, but then so did every country during the silent era. But instead of the odd hit like The Full Monty, they did really go for everything but the kitchen sink. So I really do hope you enjoy this! Silent Britain is only available on DVD, but I can promise all of the clips does hit the spot for each film here.

    In this case: Piccadilly. The last film that was featured on the documentary. Apparently, called both the best and the worst. But it looks dazzling here, and much better than Hollywood films that Anna May Wong appeared on.

  • Portrait of Jason

    29.Portrait of Jason


    29. The Scavenger Hunt is probably one of the main focuses on Letterboxd, other than new films. But when you add new challenges of 28-31 for a month, 33 for a weekly TV-styled season and a whopping 52-55 weekly for a whole year, it’s most likely that you will get exhausted, you become lazy and/or distracted and you miss out. Basically, me, but I’m hoping you have had this experience yourself. (Pick a film from a uncompleted task on a Scavenger Hunt-styled challenge, other than the Scavenger Hunt. If you’ve never done it somehow, look for a random film challenge and pick your favourite task from it.)

    Why?: I think I explained everything. If not, ask any questions away.

    In this case: From the weekly challenge that I definitely not commit to. Thankfully appropriate for Pride. letterboxd.com/iammrdexb/list/summer-feels-longer-than-33-weeks-dexs-counterfeit/

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  • The River

    30.The River

    30. This list by desdemoor that I have chosen to showcase quotes “The films in this list appear in the most recent (2012) Sight and Sound critics' top 250 but have not yet appeared in the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, so presumably film lovers can die happy without ever glimpsing a frame of them.” Well, how dare you! Of course we couldn’t! (Pick a film that appeared on BFI Critics Poll but not on 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die: letterboxd.com/desdemoor/list/sight-and-sound-critics-picks-that-you-dont/)

    Why?: I found this list on the comments for the 1001 Movies Before You Die. And I did get a bit shocked at the description, although now, I'm fully aware of the sarcasm.

    In this case: A rather weird find. But I'm very open to it.

  • Carry On at Your Convenience

    31.Carry On at Your Convenience


    31. 31 is the number the Carry On series reached in 1992, which is good for a series that was said to be beaten by the “Confessions” series, which always air on ITV3 almost every bank holiday weekend. There are some really good, and some a bit bad, but all of them are a bit too big for their bras. And fling and in. (Pick a film from the Carry On series.)

    Why?: Famous catchphrases. Cheap gags. Easy laughs. Legendary comedians. Future EastEnders star. It might not be a happy task for Brits other than myself to take on, but it's my intention to end on this note.

    In this case: A rather funny sounding one themed around toilets. Never watched it in full though.

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