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  • Aalavandhan



    Happy birthday, Kamal Hassan! And thank you for this masterpiece, gets better each year. That hallucination trip has to be one of the greatest sequences ever, love letters can't get any better than this, ecstasy infused love letter, an obsession with cinema.

    I still remember the very first time vividly, being really excited to watch this but had no clue what this was or who Kamal was, watched a dubbed Hindi version way back in 2001, the Tamil version was…

  • Vada Chennai

    Vada Chennai


    3rd time and I still love, love it. wanting to see more of a 3-hour film is a compliment, still picking up on details that were small as lingering background information that adds a ton to the film.

    Everyone in the film is incredibly strong and real in their performances, Dhanush as the reluctant Anbu might be one of his greatest subtle performances on screen, even in the later portion, Dhanush does so much with just facial expression to build…

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  • Sunflower



    "I wanted to kill myself. But I found that you can exist without love."

    The first half mostly made me reminisce Mani Ratnam's work really, specifically his "Roja" I'm convinced Ratnam watched this a 1000 times before he made Roja and a lot of his other melodramas. This is heartfelt, pure and tore me apart. De Sica did that to 3 times.

    also beautiful technicolour, Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, Henry Mancini, Ludmila Savelyeva & Giuseppe Rotunno.

  • Transit 



    memories, longing for a place and historical trauma.

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  • Green Room

    Green Room

    Ordinary People in an extraordinary situation.

  • Kabali



    This is the 1st time, I got to witness watching a Rajani film FDFS and it was an experience all cinephiles should experience.

    Was it worth the hype? Was the movie Good?

    I was a little disappointed and underwhelmed by the movie, I think the film has major issues. The film didn't know if it wanted to be a PaRanjith (DIRECTOR) film or full on Rajanikanth (SUPERSTAR) film, it was stuck in between.

    The film had this opportunity of being…