Short Cuts

Short Cuts ★★★★★

Robert Altman's Short Cuts looks and feels like three different films stitched together by their cosmic connections and that’s a good thing. A more apt title would be 'Connections'. It is super obvious that his spiritual successor Paul Thomas Anderson was inspired by this and he made Magnolia, to the extent of casting Julianne Moore. One of the best ensemble cast on the likes of Knives Out, Dune, Don't Look Up of our generations. Most of the cast are Oscar winners. It is so sad to see that Downey Jr. peaked so early, if not for his personal troubles (and mishappenings), he would have been a legend even before he was Iron Man. Great Film! And an extremely young Jennifer Jason Leigh. Jack Lemmon could have easily won Supporting Actor Oscar for this picture. 

Andie Macdowell's character is my favorite! Madeleine Stowe is a gem and I am so mad that we did not use her properly. And so is Anne Archer, excited to see what she’s doing in Hulu’s The Dropout. 

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