Scream ★★★★

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This movie has a low kill count for a slasher movie but at least we got a bunch of horror movie references throughout it's run

The movie had one of the best starts for a horror movie ever. It set the tone for the entire movie (and, I assume, the sequels too) and it deserves a legendary status in my book.

After that, we get a bunch of references to classic horror movie titles and tropes, which includes Carrie, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Hellraiser, A Nightmare on Elm Street and so on, we even get a quote from Psycho. I'm sure there's more and I'll need to watch the movie again just to catch them all.

I tend to focus a lot on the soundtracks when watching movies and I was certainly pleased with the soundtrack of Scream - from the romantic alternative version of Don't Fear the Reaper by BOC to Whisper To A Scream by Soho, this movie picked perfect songs for the right scenes. Youth Of America by Ammo stood out for the ideal transition to change the scenery and the mood that the film was taking at that moment.

The following part includes some spoilers.

Now let's talk about the characters and the action - it was cute that Dewey and Gale were making eyes at each-other through out the movie so much that David Arquette and Courtney Cox ended up marrying (and later divorced) years later and a light, slightly comedic, tone managed to lift up the mood of the movie but the oblivious nature got old quite quickly to the point that it was just plain weird and slightly stupid. I don't know if Tatum's clothes would fit any school dress code back in the day and the whole scene in the garage, even though it was one of the most memorable scenes of the movie, felt more like a parody of a horror movie. The twist that followed later was cool, I'll admit that, but everything following it was a bit dull - it seems Billy decided not to shoot Gale just because he needs to see Monica end up with Chandler next season. Also, somehow nobody dies and everyone manages to just get up after being shot, stabbed and injured in any other means. I enjoyed most of the acting, with Billy being the chaotic evil and Stu being the goofy sidekick with his antics and also the most comical diabolic psycho, whose laughter can only be matches by the Three Fingers from the Wrong Turn series. Most of the characters seemed either likable or interesting in their own way, I don't recall anyone being plain and boring.

In the end of the day, it is a descent horror film about horror films and it deserves a watch. Love it or hate it, this movie is important for the horror genre for inspiring countless movies that came after it.

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