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  • San Pietro

    San Pietro


    Scavenger Hunt #63: Joining the Army
    After watching Five Came Back, I'm not sure what to make of this "documentary". I guess really it is a propaganda film so reality is even more skewed than a traditional doc. When you realize that there were staged scenes AFTER the battle, things make sense. You watch soldiers lying around while they shoot off artillery but there is no urgency or tension in their bodies. GIs stroll across screen with their rifles, maybe…

  • UHF



    Scavenger Hunt #63: UHF
    Wow this was great! Just the fun, quirky innocence of Weird Al in a movie format with that 80s feel of Brooks or Zucker gags and song parodies. I can't believe I never saw this as a kid, I would've dug it. But now I can experience the gleeful wackiness for the first time and it was much needed this week.

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  • One Small Step

    One Small Step


    Animated Short Checklist:
    □ The main character loses/gives up on aspiration.
    □ The lead loses a loved one.
    □ The lead is then motivated to return to dreams inspired by dead beloved.

  • Heroin(e)



    Wonder Women.