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  • If Beale Street Could Talk

    If Beale Street Could Talk


    Film as a painting; the colors in every scene, the lighting of every face, and the swooping of Jenkins' camera. Scents of In the Mood for Love but even more variety with that bright blue sky and strong, dark skins. This is a masterpiece, comparable to Moonlight and similar also in a decisive, thoughtful voice. I have not read the source material but it seems less angry than most Baldwin but like I said I cannot elaborate. The acting is superb from veterans and first-timers. Yes yes yes. Deserves and requires a second watch. Hopefully before it wins Best Picture, I'll catch this again.

  • Frailty



    Letterboxd Season Challenge Week 16: Best Films Never Seen
    This was not one of my favorites. There is something aesthetically unpleasing about films from the early 2000s; maybe it is just me but they have this cheap TV lighting in so many turn of the century films I've seen in the recent past. Frailty feels like a Stephen King story but with someone who understands actors directing that story; just move this family from Texas to Maine and you've got…

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  • Heroin(e)



    Wonder Women.

  • Gandhi



    The waning end of the epic, complete with intermission. Kingsley puts everything into this performance, not only embodying the saintly man but also through the many chapters of his life from South Africa to his assassination. A martyr and man worthy of an excessive 3+ hour film.