Vice ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

A disappointing biopic that is such a let down because it is so close to being a sound, clear dark comedy. Obviously the acting is flamboyant and fantastic; Adams, Bale, and Carrell are top tier and Rockwell is fine but at the moment I am fatigued by Goofy Sam Rockwell. McKay just hasn't grasped the dark comedy tone; the cutting between fourth wall breaking jokes and archival footage of 911 and reenactments of waterboarding sessions just didn't jive. Vice is a mess of let's throw funny ideas at the wall and see what sticks. Let's have not only Jesse Plemons as a narrator but add on a blonde cable news anchor half way through the movie to narrate two scenes and then abandon that. Let's have Dick and Lynne recite Shakespeare for one scene because that's funny. Let's have have Cheney look at the camera (NOT LIKE HOUSE OF CARDS, more like Tower of Teacups,right because that was an established metaphor from before?) and berate the audience. And I groaned with the mid-credit scene. I agreed with the liberal slant but Jeezuz that was such a smug, eye-rolling punctuation.
I liked the fishing imagery specifically when Dick and George Jr first meet. They should've just stuck with that idea and made it a clean, through-line metaphor. Like I said,there was a lot of potential but in the end a messy collage with too many ideas.