21 Jump Street ★★★★★

"Park in the disabled spot, it'll make us look cool."

21 Jump Street is a modern classic. Directed by Chris Miller and Phil Lord, and starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, the film spoofs and redefines the 'buddy-cop' genre.

It is hard to compare this film to anything other than the original National Lampoon films (specially Animal House) through its use of comedy as a means to explore modern trends. The scene in which Tatum and Hill walk through the carpark, the characters look at the modern high school cliques, and are interestingly shocked. The film uses this constant allusion to engage the audience in ways I had never seen before.

What is really interesting about this film is that I can watch it at any time of my life. I remember being dumped by an ex almost two years ago, and where did I go? 21 Jump Street. Last year, I met my girlfriend at a party, and after having the best night of my life, where did I go? 21 Jump Street. If that is not a testament to incredible filmmaking, I really do not know what is.

I have seen this film more than 10 times, and still, it is a ridiculous riot. Perhaps my favourite comedy of all time, 21 Jump Street is perfect.

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