The Five-Year Engagement ★★★½

Being a big fan of Jason Segel(and for an entirly different reason Alison Brie(she's great too though)) this interested me from when i first heard it and thankfully it delivers

At times very funny and also very sweet it chronicles the troubles of a relationship after these sort of movies usually end. The two leads are great and have great chemistry and most importantly their relationship feels very real. Segel and Blunt deliver good performances filled with real emotion and hell i feeled for them throughout the movie.

A great supporting pairing from Alison Brie and Chris Pratt almost steal the movie with the fun they bring to the story and are the highlight of the whole thing with some great comedic moments.

The story ending may leave the cynics with their eyes rolling but hell i was with them all the way and it was great for me

One of the best rom-coms ive seen. I enjoyed the ride and felt the emotion (blame my wussiness). If you are a fan of the apatow out put then you will love it. definatly one to see with a partner. another good film for Segel may it continue

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