The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★½

A Scorsese epic but not in the usual way,a bizarre and hilarious black comedy that despite it's runtime never drags and with DiCaprio upping his physical game has a lead actor more confident than ever. It may be three hours but it's one ride definitely worth taking more than once.

Morally it all may be a lot more than dubious but Jordan Belfort's tale is a fascinating one and the way Scorsese has chosen to showcase it is probably for the best. An absurd comedy for the majority (barring a really odd tonal shift towards the end) to me it was never a doubt that Belfort is a repugnant man and the film didn't change my opinion.Yeah I laughed a hell of a lot at him, especially the film's highlight comedy sequence involving "lemons". Complimenting the films seeming theme maybe Scorsese puts too much into this but really after sitting through it it did not feel three hours at all. There's enough variety, fantastic acting, gorgeous cinematography and a gripping story by Boardwalk Empire creator Terence Winter held my attention easily enough and seeing Scorsese still at the top of his game into his seventies now, not falling victim to the trappings that some of his fellow directors is a joy and long may he continue to do what only he can.

As he tends to do Scorsese assemble a fantastic cast of actors including a lot of surprising names (blink and you might miss some) and no-one feels out of place here. McConaughey's role is basically a cameo, a very fun one obviously and Kyle Chandler doesn't get that much either but impresses once again. Hill continues a tremendous upturn in his career with his Donnie Azoff being a constant highlight throughout as hilarious as he is pathetic at times. Australian Margot Robbie is flawless with her accent and gives a stunning turn in more ways than one.As for Leo I've never been his biggest fan (especially in Scorsese films) but for me he's never been.Truly believable as almost cult like leader of men, it's a bonkers turn even if he occasionally falls back into old traits but the lengths he goes here especially with the physical side of his performance are joyous and this may be the best I've ever seen. A shame he's going up against Eljofor though.

It's very very long but for me it was more than worth it, it may not be his best but Scorsese has another wonderful film that fits very well in that wonderful back catalogue and it will be fun to see if it can stand the test of time as well as all those other wonderful films.