Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★

The Most Awaited Movie of the Year for me. OK, let's start -

One of the best (if not the best) final acts in superhero movies. Russo Bros did it very brilliantly. "Captain America is Worthy" scene is one of the best CBM moments of all time. Full marks for that. The final war scene, the digital cinematography, the colors look so beautiful and expensive.

The characters/scenes I liked, are:

• Tony Stark/Iron Man is one true hero and leader (not actually, but you’ll see and feel) in the MCU since 2008. Robert Downey Jr. was outstanding in the Endgame. He deserves all the popularity and respect from the fans. His every scene was good.
• Captain America comes at number 2. He looks tensed through-out the movie (so does Black Widow), as we all know he knows his responsibilities. He is the man of honor.
• Clint Barton/Hawkeye/Ronin comes at number 3.
• Somehow sometimes I found The Ant-Man's character very serious here. Paul Rudd was amazing as Scott Lang.
• Spider-Man was so powerful and impressive in his very limited role.

Hulk taking Time stone, Clint and Nat’s Vormir visit, Tony met his father again, The elevator revisit, Captain vs Captain, Cap/Tony/Thor fighting Thanos scenes were mind-blowing.

The characters disappointed me, are-

• Captain Marvel. I seriously believe that Russo Bros could make Endgame without her. Never felt her worth in this film. Not in a single scene. Well, They could use Pepper Potts to 'rescue' Tony Stark. Also when she makes an appearance in the final battle, was also useless, we realize that later.
• Thor. Thor is a comedian after Ragnarok. I don't know why they did this to him, what's wrong with the "fun-loving" studio; although Thor has some very good action scenes, just action scenes.
• Hulk. They ruined the Professor Hulk for me. Waited so much to see Professor Hulk like this? The arc was missing even he had a very big role though. But he was just another comedian.
• Black Panther. His one scene was good from his very limited role. I feel that only Russo did justice to his powers as we saw him in Civil War and Infinity War and now this. [See my view on Black Panther movie for why I said that]

The characters I wanted to see more, are-

• Thanos. He impressed again in the fight scenes and that dialogue before the battle.
• Pepper Potts in the Iron suit.
• Spider-Man.
• Loki.
• Nick Fury at the end.

Things I didn't like-

This is not how Time-Travel works. They showed it like it is just a children's game. I expected more for Tony's rescue scene, It was pretty disappointing for me. Some scenes in the 1st act looked stretched and unnecessary.
Tony Stark’s death could have been more emotional, I felt that scene where he hugs Spider-Man was better than Pepper talking him for the last time. I am a very emotional person but haven’t felt much emotion in that scene.
I didn’t like the 'after battle scenes' or you can say 'the conclusion scenes' except “The New Captain America” scene, that was so powerful and emotional. Captain-Peggy scene could have been better, as the fan-theory says.

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