Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

Quentin Motherf***er!! You did it.

I was so hyped and excited about this film, of course, because of Tarantino and Leo-Pitt together... Like Damn... I can't miss this opportunity to watch this in IMAX, but unfortunately, I missed it in the theatre.

Loved the set, camera-work, the costumes, the acting but little disappointed with the storyline. I felt it had nothing to tell and just passing the time to reach to the 3rd act, but when you got Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt on the screen, you'll enjoy it rather.

Actin wise, Brad Pitt was damn good. His every scene was soulful. Damn that 3rd act... I was like, Hey you fu**ers... you messed with Brad Pitt already, now see what he do to you. haha.
Leo was brilliant like he is, in some scenes. The scene with Julia Butters (Trudi Fraser), I loved that.
Didn't understand the point of the character Sharon Tate in the film but, Margot Robbie nailed it with her presence.
That Charles Manson reference was good (for Mindhuter fans). Some very popular actors in the very short roles were good too.

Overall I enjoyed it, because of the cast, especially Brad Pitt, the 3rd act and Brad Pitt in the 3rd act. Will definitely watch it again soon.

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