Candyman ★★★

”New metaphors are capable of creating new understandings and, therefore, new realities.”Metaphors We Live By

It started out so promisingly with striking visuals and sound design. The camera seemed to weave its way through mirrors and down improbable corridors distorting reality along the way.

At one point I wasn’t sure if we were in front of a mirror or behind it—I found myself wondering if I was looking at reflections, or just through something transparent.

The story of Candyman is supposed to be so powerful it can manifest the hurt of past generations into a protective shield for a disenfranchised community. It’s rather ironic that the story at the heart of this film wasn't even strong enough to create tension, let alone summon something as disturbing as the Candyman.

Added on the 28/08/21: Had some time to reflect on this movie. The visuals are really sticking with me.

On reflection I think the short runtime hurts the story and plot. Ultimately it feels rushed which causes certain scenes and the connective tissue between them to feel forced. Also the short runtime causes a lot of exposition.

Maybe a directors cut will improve it the way Dr. Sleep was elevated to a masterpiece through a longer runtime. Dont @ me!😉

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