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This review may contain spoilers.

AFI Top 100 Club:

Film #3: The Godfather: Part II by Francis Ford Coppola

What could possibly follow up The Godfather, one of the most famous and popular films in all of cinema? 

The Godfather: Part II was not just a sequel. This was a sequel that was even more brilliant than its predecessor. 

Built perfectly upon the events and happenings of the original, it was exquisitely told, all whilst it added more life to most of the characters from the original.

The backstory of Vito Corleone was simple and uncluttered, making it so that we could see into his persona and relate to such a highly rated criminal figure. The actor behind Vito's childhood was young Robert Deniro, an actor starting the legendary work in his fruitful career.

Seeing Micheal Corleone grow from a small time crime lord into a true force to be reckoned with was nothing short of stunning. To see him rising to riches and power just to lose everything dear and special to him was a truly rich viewing experience.

Unfolded out of the magnificent plot before our very eyes, this spectacle was awe-inspiring and meticulously presented. Like the original, the score was just as fitting as it provided an underlying sadness to the viewing.

Likewise, the script was directed with fine execution.

Overall, The Godfather: Part II is a work of celluloid magic, overflowing with immaculate beauty, depth, and character. 

Truly amazing experience. Well done Coppola.