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  • Non-Fiction



    Four stars for all the actual character drama, one star for the cringeworthy, already-dated-five-years-ago debates over reading/writing/publishing in the digital age. Those parts of the movie feel like Assayas dug up an Atlantic thinkpiece from 2013, decided it would make a good framing device for an insightful drama about the lies we tell ourselves and the ones we love, and ran with it.

    Every extended debate about the internet feels like being at home with your relatives at Thanksgiving talking…

  • Cargo



    Everyone should double feature this with A Quiet Place, to see the British Office's Tim and the American Office's Jim both take on post-apocalyptic beasties who are sensitive to loud noises and attempt to save their families with rugged facial hair as their primary means of defense.

    Both also share the fact that you don't want to think about them too much after the fact, but being pretty effective at distracting from their flaws while they're actually unfolding. (Though, admittedly, this one doesn't do quite as well as A Quiet Place in that regard.)

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  • Memories of Murder

    Memories of Murder


    How is it I waited this long to see this? I feel like my entire best of the 00s list is completely invalidated for lacking this movie, which would rate very highly. I can also see more clearly where some Bong fans were a little disappointed with Snowpiercer -- while seeing this doesn't mitigate my love for that film it all, it IS a mess when compared to the meticulous construction of this mystery. And how he's able to make…

  • Inherent Vice

    Inherent Vice


    You know how people are always trying to represent a drug trip on screen, and it's always a bunch of distortions and over-saturated colors and psychedelic bullshit?

    Watching Inherent Vice actually feels like being high.

    Which is to say that it doesn't always entirely coherent, you'll find things funny that probably have no business being funny, when you think about it later your head might hurt a little, but fuck if it wasn't a goddamned good time while it was happening.