Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★

Into the Spider-Verse is a crowd pleasing and visually interesting addition to Spiderman's filmography. The comic book style of animation used gives the film a unique look and pretty much everything I really enjoyed about the movie relates to it. There is a good deal of visual humor that made me smile. The action scenes are exciting and provide plenty to watch without becoming overcrowded. The characters have distinct designs and some of the ones from other dimensions are animated differently to give them even more of an individual appearance. The film also does a good job at juggling all of its characters with clear motivations and overall not making the final product a jumbled mess.

While I did enjoy many of the interdimensional ideas presented by the movie, I found the story structure itself to be hitting the same beats as basically every other superhero film in existence. I also thought that a lot of the more serious scenes, especially the ones featuring them hip-hop songs that all the cool kidz be listening to, were unintentionally cheesy. I understand that it is a family movie and that's why these serious parts couldn't get too dramatically complex, but I guess I was just hoping for a little bit more since people are hyping this up to be the second coming of SpiderChrist.