Skyfall ★★★★

Ah, one of the best and prettiest summer blockbusters courtesy of the unbeatable Sam Mendes and Roger Deakins.

Let's get what I didn't like out of the way. Besides Adeles incredible song which I consider one of the best film soundtrack pieces ever, the rest of the score throughout the film heavily underperformed. I found it was either too generic or misused, there were moments that I felt had been ruined by the poor soundtrack choices.

Adding on to that, sound mixing, especially ADR, was abysmal. This film is not audibly pleasing.

With what lacks in the sound department, is heavily made up for with the visuals with Roger deakins cinematography. My fucking god is this film just so gorgeous. I say this about every film Roger Deakins is the DOP for, but there's no other way I can put into words how much I love his work.

The plot was fantastic. It was incredibly simple and consise in nature but it draws you in so intelligently. Sam Mendes adores reoccurring themes and imagery in his films and this is no different. His approach to directing has given James bond so much more intruige and depth.

As much as I adore the fun, frantic energy and playful style of Casino Royale, this film just matures the character and the franchise as a whole.

I'm struggling to decide on what to score this, I want to give this a 9/10 but my earlier complaints have really pulled me out of the film at certain points, some pivotal moments too. So for now, 8/10, may change in future rewatches.

Next up, Spectre!

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