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  • Ghostland



    Just saw this today and fell in love with the story. Even now as I am writing this review, I still don't know which parts were real and which ones were fictions of the main girl's imagination. I love it. It's smartly written. The last sentence in the movie really bothered my mind.

    The only thing we found unnecessary was the obvious (and sometimes false) jump-scares. The story itself is good enough to bring out the horror of the film.

  • Blockers



    John Cena as an awkward father figure? Sign me up for that!

    Movie is screwed up though. I hear a dude's voice but I CAN'T SEE HIM.

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  • Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction


    For ages, people have been bitching at me like, "Hey, why haven't you ever watched Pulp Fiction?!" Now I get it.

  • Set It Up

    Set It Up


    My mind is designed not to like these kinds of movies. But holy pregnant cow, this movie is awesome!

    I guess this is what happens when you set your expectations too low on a Netflix Rom-Com thanks to, ehem, The Kissing Booth.