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  • Multiple Maniacs

    Multiple Maniacs


    I first saw this on a bootleg DVD that I bought off of eBay in high school. It was a less than clean VHS rip that had a blurry, tracking lined picture and audio that made long sections of dialogue completely indecipherable. In some ways that added to the charm and felt especially sleazy.

    This wasn't something that I ever expected to get a Criterion release or for it to be something I'd be watching in an actual theater. Yet…

  • The Piano Teacher

    The Piano Teacher


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "Anarchy hardly seems your forte."

    Huppert's incredible performance and Hanneke's balancing act between beauty and brutality make this a movie that will be sitting with me for a long while.

    At one point Huppert's Erika berates her student Walter for not understanding that “Schubert's dynamics range from scream to whisper not loud to soft.” She may as well be talking about talking about the two of them. Erika has something of the theatrical about her, an active fantasy life, and…

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  • Human Lanterns

    Human Lanterns


    Oddball wuxia/horror mashup that I couldn't help but wish was just a little bit weirder. Still, that giallo red blood and the skull mask make it worth the watch.

  • Hotel Artemis

    Hotel Artemis


    This ended up being more cyberpunk lite than the John Wick knockoff I was expecting. I enjoyed the first, lazier half of the movie that introduces its cast of mostly characters like an Agathie Christie novel. Eventually the plot kicks in and things start happening just because they need to. Still, some decent action and it's entertaining throughout.

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  • The Little Hours

    The Little Hours


    Could have used more witches and turtles but that holds true for most movies.

  • Gotti


    There are bad movies and then there are trainwrecks. There are movies that swing for the fences and manage to make every wrong choice along the way. There are passion projects that have sat and simmered for so long that the makers have lost all objectivity and sense of an audience. These are the movies that should be preserved and studied, treated as a case study into just how off the rails something can go. There are bad movies and…