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  • Despiser



    This is the kind of movie that makes me feel bad for people that never go cinematic dumpster diving. Yeah, you slog through a lot of boring garbage but every once in a while you find a Despiser.

    Recently I've been thinking a lot about the reasons I love super low budget trash movies and how that's changed over the years. I originally came to them very much through the "so bad it's good" riffing philosophy. There's still an element…

  • No Skin Off My Ass

    No Skin Off My Ass


    "The whole goddamn world is a fag!"

    John Waters is the obvious touchstone here. However, there's a sweetness closer to the surface in No Skin than Waters' early work. Waters' movies are the violent proto-punk to No Skin's kinky post-punk.

    The characters in Waters' movies form a blanket counterculture that revels in all things queer and criminal. They literally weaponize their outsider status, carrying out murder sprees and rattling off litanies of perversions both real and imagined. They exist to…

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  • The Servant

    The Servant


    Class tensions and shifting power dynamics in the first half end up in a fairly standard melodramatic slide into ruin after the mid-film climax. Still, that early going is genuinely suspenseful and Bogarde is excellent throughout.

  • Insidious: Chapter 2

    Insidious: Chapter 2


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A big step down from the better than it had a right to be first entry. Here we trade in a cool demonic threat from some jarringly regressive cross dresser killer nonsense and a bit of time hopping shenanigans for good measure.

    I'll get around to watching the rest of this series at some point but this entry killed most of the enthusiasm I had for the franchise.

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  • The Wolf House

    The Wolf House

    This is a difficult film to rate especially when many of the references ended up going right over my head. The Wolf House is the story of Colonia Dignidad told through a fairy tale/nightmare about a girl who takes up residence in an abandoned house while running from a wolf.

    Colonia Dignidad was a compound in Chile that for decades housed a cult led by Paul Schafer, a German who fled his country to escape charges of pedophilia. The colony…

  • The Little Hours

    The Little Hours


    Could have used more witches and turtles but that holds true for most movies.