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  • Cinderella



    Was fucking HATING this at first blush but got into it a bit more as it went. Main problem? Never once even seems to attempt to make it sound like the cast are singing in the environment, there’s some baffling sound mixing happening here which very much took me out of it.

    The whole girlboss aspect was solid though and there’s some decent laughs at points. In no way feels like it was meant for cinemas, Amazon feels like an appropriate home, but yeah, didn’t hate it in the end.

  • Prisoners of the Ghostland

    Prisoners of the Ghostland


    It cannot be understated that Cage is as locked in as ever here, he really is. I wish the rest of the film was better.

    Going for “how crazy is this?” by just shoving in random shit constantly but doing so in turgid montages which add nothing to an over extended runtime, honestly this could be 20 minutes shorter and flow so much better, but there are moments which speak to what the film thinks it is the entire time.