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  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    The pace maybe takes a bit of a dive in the middle third and Black Panther kinda gets overshadowed by those around him, Michael B Jordan is as good as advertised, but holy shit, it’s a world I loved spending time in, the action works and it feels like it has shit to say but doesn’t rub your nose in it. Really fucking strong.

  • 8 Mile

    8 Mile


    Feels like really surface level insights in a world where it’s all about trying to get short term highs, a weirdly depressing film with a character arc for Brittany Murphy which feels really dated.

    Saying this Eminem essentially plays himself well, the rap battles are fun and the look feels both Hollywood but also kinda appropriate.

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  • Project X

    Project X


    A very big candidate for worst film of the year, Project X made me absolutely furious whilst watching it, and I haven't felt that wound up by a film since Grown Ups. People who know me know that's a big deal.

    The film is an utter shitpile for many reasons but the most egregious offenders which come to mind is the sheer laziness of the filmmaking. OK, you've given people loads of cameras. Great. And what do we see? High…

  • Alien



    Still beyond reproach. Makes me less nervous about Prometheus as I know for sure that it can't ever approach the level of quality of this film. Subtle, pitch-perfect performances, though Ian Holm is on another level, superb ratcheting of tension and some of the best production design ever seen in sci-fi make for a true masterpiece which is certainly very close to the top of my favourite films of all time.