Midsommar ★★★★★

Director's Edition

There were plenty of scenes in this new extended version of the movie that I think are understandable to cut. Particularly some added wisecracks from Mark that are just needless and make him more of an asshole than he already is. There are some cool match cuts that are sacrificed to save a few second which I wish were in the original cut of the movie because they don't disrupt the flow but do add a stylistic imprint to some scenes. There was one notable scene where a fight breaks out between Christian and Dani that adds some plot relevance to the lull after the Ättestupa. This scene is also the only time Christian voices any of his perspective on the teetering relationship with Dani and I think leaving this out really changes the way the audience sees Christian in the relationship.

Overall I liked seeing what was cut from the movie before it was released but I don't think the added scenes add too much (besides Dani and Christian's fight which maybe adds too much). The original cut is great by itself but this was fun to watch.

edit: still no levitation scene like in the trailer! I need to know the context of that shot!

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