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  • Two Sisters

    Two Sisters


    like a living, breathing chagall painting; a restless, twisting vortex of shape, shadow and perspective. i wish there was animation out there in the mainstream today which employed even half of caroline leaf's creativity

  • The Circle

    The Circle


    i don't know why filmmakers feel the need to create fictional tech dystopias when actual tech companies are already doing egregious harm to actual human beings every single day. when i watch films like this, and shows like black mirror, i can't look at them as anything but a distraction; a way of making their audiences think 'wow that's so scary! thank god that's not real!' i really think filmmakers need to find a way of reckoning with the insidious…

Popular reviews

  • Me Before You

    Me Before You


    god just what a cruel, hateful mess of a film. i hate films like this that try and present themselves as sympathetic and modern but are actually totally regressive and wantonly inhumane. i have to say i'm impressed that an ostensibly manic pixie dream girl narrative manages to treat both its protagonists like total shit, sometimes in the exact same scenes, and yet also somehow manages to make it seem like this is not only normal but that they should…

  • Mouse in Manhattan

    Mouse in Manhattan


    jerry has several brushes with death throughout this short, but there's one that really gets me, about halfway through, when he's about to fall from a skyscraper, clinging for dear life to the wick of an overturned candle. this should be a terrifying moment, he's literally hanging on by a thread, yet the giddy lilt of the music, the static haze of the cityscape below, the cartoonish *gulp* sound effect, all make the moment seem so light-headed and carefree. it's…