After ★★★★★

"He's going to break your heart"

Unblemished and smooth-as-silk, flowing from one moment to the next like water. A delightfully postmodern fairy tale, "After" is a deft, intelligent mix of romance, mistakes, and sensuality. And takes a spin on a young first love to make it fresh. It's a witty, dreamy love letter to independence and self-discovery. Fast, bold, harsh. It's an adventure which reaches back to golden-age Hollywood. Part of the film's charm is the way that Anna Todd worked to keep the essence of the book and it's characters alive through out every single second of this piece. Her work is impeccable, and the little to no changes make it more poetic than how it already is. The way the masterful soundtrack connected the pieces of this puzzle together was a complete dream. Certainly a more accomplished cast of actors cannot be imagined, and this movie is just so inspiring. And this love is pure, and utter: infinity.


NOW: for the stupid people that don't get my joke. you are stupid. "After" is a complete example of how to make a bad movie but it was SO FUCKING FUN TO WATCH AND LAUGH AT!!! me and my friends once read the book and decided to make a trip to the cinema to see this. and it was probably one of the best experiences of the year. we just screamed and clapped and talked so loud through out the majority of the film, and it felt okay to behave like children in a movie like this one. i also told my friends at the end that i was so in love with it that i almost teared up and they BELIEVED ME. guys, it was a joke. i'm funny, u know. (also the rating is also a joke incase u haven't realized)

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