Captain Marvel ★★★½

There was a moment in this film, at the end, when Carol says to Jude Law's character (Yong-Roon) "I have nothing to prove to you” The moment she said that, I had immediate goosebumps. My cousin, on my left, said something along the lines of “ha ha ha” and my little sister had a bright smile on her face. For a moment there, I completely disconnected with the film. I remember that I was not only watching a film, it felt more like a moment in history, specially, a moment in Marvel’s history. And I was witnessing it for the very first time. It was so hard to keep those tears from not falling all the way down to my cheeks. “I have nothing to prove to you” Suddenly it clicked why cis men don’t, can’t and will never get to appreciate this film as much as we do. They just will never get to understand it the way we understand it, and I actually don’t blame them. They just don’t get it. “I have nothing to prove to you” She is done, the universe’s most powerful hero is a fucking woman. And she doesn’t need to give any explanation to anyone. She doesn’t need a man to tell her what or what not to do. She has already dealt with that, she is not going through that again. Sounds familiar? Since the day we are born female we are told what to do, how to pose, what to wear, how to articulate and how to be a “lady” How we are supposed to be excellent in bed, bad at driving and great in the kitchen. If we have cellulite; No. Fat? No, society doesn’t appreciate you enough. Periods? disgusting. Showing your nipples? Now that’s just problematic!!!! But men can do it, woman can’t. Men have been able for a long time to do whatever the fuck they wanted to do. To rape us, manipulate us, get the best roles, the best cars, all the money. They get to be Iron-Man, Thor, Captain america, The kulk, Ant-man, and now we finally get Captain Marvel. No, not Snow White, not rescue by the prince. She rescues herself in this one. And she has nothing to prove to you.

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