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  • The Fandom

    The Fandom


    A pleasant look at the progression and the history of the furry community and its troubled rep over the years. I had passing knowledge of the furry fandom but this gave me an clear understanding of the community as just a way for people to express themselves through certain forms of art and identity in a safe space that accepts all. In its timeline of the fandom's key moments it felt too brief and glossed over for me to stay connected. It eventually just kind of ends.

  • Into the Unknown: Making Frozen II

    Into the Unknown: Making Frozen II

    What an unexpectedly in-depth making-of docuseries this is. Through 6 episodes you get a peak into the many departments of production behind making an animated film, albeit at the singularly massive production level of Disney Animation. You get to see some of the creative conflicts that go on in committee collaboration that Disney often shies away from showing.

    The whole vibe is a little corny, yes, but compared to so many big studio making-of type things, this docuseries actually covers…

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  • Da 5 Bloods

    Da 5 Bloods


    Spike boasts refreshingly tight, creative direction and visual flow here. Places a spotlight on African American people’s messy history with the Vietnam War, which is not something you see presented in such a large scope often, and in a unique way at that. A group of war vets experience recollection of trauma and frustration through heavy allegory, and this takes centre stage in a story that progresses as a fittingly modern and strange examination of an important piece of Black…

  • The Great Dictator

    The Great Dictator


    This is full of top tier gags. I see so many specific comedians and comedy stylings taking inspiration from the character-based slapstick and overt mockery in this movie and Chaplin's performance. The WWII satire and more dramatic components inform the humour well. As a whole movie the pace is sort of flaccid and its too long unfortunately.