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This review may contain spoilers.

"They became the King and Queen of Gotham City, and God help anyone disrespecting the Queen."

First off, I have seen a lot of bad reviews. They must stop comparing DC and Marvel. DC has always been dark. No stupid jokes as Marvel. I never listen to the critics. I like to have my own opinion about any film. You do not like the film? Well, that's just like your opinion, man. Alas, some of those "critics" are only saying what they hear without even see the actual film. These critics needs and enema! As a DC fan, this film was wicked. Better than Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. There is some imagery I thought we had never see on the big That Joker and Harley Queen dancing shot, just beautiful... Batman taking down Deadshot...Flash and Captain Boomerang. Bloody marvelous.

Some things were a miss though I thought...

I would not say it was a "mess"... But I do understand where they are coming from with that. It was not edited very well and there were some creative choices that were just plain stupid...That scene with Harley and Joker at Ace Chemicals was excellent, but completely ruined by that pop song. You hire Steven Price, an Oscar winning composer, yet you score an emotional scene with THAT rubbish?

Leto as the Joker was good. That whole thug-life/Lil Wayne/Ellen Degeneres Joker look I was not keen on, but thankfully he was not like that all the time... That scene in the helicopter for instance. Splendid. Really really impressed and loved his take on it. If they took out that gangster look he sometimes has then I'd be happier... But I suppose it adds to his character... I'm fine with that.

Oh and Robbie as Harley Quinn.. Just incredible. I have heard a lot of people barking mad about "Harley being too sexy" Why so salty? She is wearing hot pants because they are sparkly and fun. She does not do it because she wants blokes to look at her arse. The casting in general was fantastic. Everyone played an excellent part. Except for Cara Delevingne, she was not right for this part in my opinion. Whatever the whole "waving your arms around in slow motion" thing just looked silly. She was pretty bloody horrible. She cannot act. They should casted Carice van Houten (not only because she played Melisandre in "Games of Thrones) she is talented and can act. Viola Davis was great though.

On the whole I will definitely be seeing it again. Great movie, just let down by weird editing and direction choices. I do not think they went into this as a "let us make this movie for the fans" film, but I certainly came off that way to me. Let me clarify.. I do not mean they went into this as "let us make this movie for the fans"... I mean that it came off as the most "made for the fans" movie I have seen.

At the end of the day, the movie was great. I enjoyed it a lot and will see it again.

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