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  • August in the Water
  • Mermaid Legend
  • Rhapsody in August

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  • Angst



    a few words about Angst.

    I don't know how long it has been since Angst found its way onto my watchlist. I don't even remember if I found it via Noé or Haneke or something, somebody else. I don't know it. it's been ages, maybe a decade. back then it took me years to even obtain it, while more recently I couldn't find the right mind setting to go through with it and overcome the piled up respect for…

  • Fe



    earth, flowers and a stone are placed on top of a broken plastic toy. the grave is amongst the remains of an abandoned factory; a monolith of steel and iron, rising up to the skies. spheric devotional music accentuates the importance of the scene even further. the old man runs his fingers over the cold walls of the manmade tower.

    "It is like the scales of a reptile, or the bark of a tree."

    nature and industry are the main…

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  • Rhapsody in August

    Rhapsody in August


    this film commences my personal August trilogy, consisting of 八月の狂詩曲, Oslo, 31. august and 水の中の八月, with this one clearly being the weakest film of the three. Rhapsody begins strong, setting the story up quite efficiently. the parents are gone. the children seem to stay alone with their grandmother for the very first time and learn about the faith of their grandfather and what happened on August 9 1945. the tone shifts. the film diverts from a jolly family story to…

  • August in the Water

    August in the Water


    if young Haruki Murakami had turned director instead of writer this would be the film.

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  • Men



    English countryside post-Brexit is wild

  • Violent Cop

    Violent Cop


    Takeshi Kitano walks a lot.
    Takeshi Kitano slaps plenty of people.
    Takeshi Kitano does not talk much.
    Takeshi Kitano does not care about emotions.
    Takeshi Kitano does not care about guns, gun wounds, or police work.
    Takeshi Kitano does not care about characters or build-ups.
    Takeshi Kitano commands everyone.
    Takeshi Kitano loves Takeshi Kitano.
    Takeshi Kitano loves blood and violence.
    Takeshi Kitano is a mf badass.