Blonde ★★★★★

The negative review bombing of this movie is absolutely ridiculous. Sure, you’re allowed to think it’s exploitative and tasteless and everything else, as long as you WATCH THE MOVIE FIRST. Immediately giving it 1/2 stars because Twitter said it was problematic before going into it with an open mind is completely brain dead. Also, I feel it relevant to the mention that the author of the book (a woman) is a survivor of childhood sexual assault. And that it’s not supposed to be a biopic. And that Marilyn has been dead for 60 years and her estate supports the movie. And that this was an artistic passion project by the director and wasn’t at all a Netflix project solely trying to capitalize off of Monroe.

Oh, and the whole “the people who like it only do so because Ana De Armas is nude” thing that I’ve seen around? Completely misogynistic. I cannot believe I have to say this in 2022, but it’s possible for a woman to get genuine acclaim for her performance without it being just based off her looks. That whole line of thinking is routinely used by chauvinists and incels to discredit women and their accomplishments, and it’s disgusting that people purporting to be condemning misogyny are using it.

Once again, you’re perfectly entitled to hate Blonde… once you finish watching it with an open mind. Going after it now is no better than fundamentalist Christians protesting against The Last Temptation of Christ without having watched it in the 70s. In any case, I’m guessing Blonde will end up like Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me did: a feminist masterpiece that’s misunderstood and trashed by mainstream audiences upon release, only to get the acclaim it deserves decades later.

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