Four Rooms ★★★

I haven't seen this anthology film in years! My memory of it was that I rather liked the last two segments, but not so much the first two. I appreciate all 4 now, but that's still a fair assessment. Best bits? 1st segment by Allison Anders is about a coven of witches attempting to bring back one of their own - Alicia Witt! First movie I noticed her in, primarily because she reminded me of my ex-girlfriend at the time. Second segment by Alexandre Rockwell? Best bit? Jessica Beals has never been hotter. 3rd segment by Robert Rodriguez is by far my favorite and the best of the bunch. Antonio Banderas! The dead hooker in the mattress! Tim Roth's spontaneous vomit is still one of the funniest things I've ever seen on film and it makes me laugh out loud every time. And Tarantino's 4th and final segment, while not great, does have some of the best bits of dialogue. Overall, Tim Roth owns this entire movie. Ted the Bellhop for the win!