New Year's Evil ★★★

This movie is so darned bonkers, that only Golan and Globus could be responsible for one of the most bizarre slashers of the 80's. And not just the 80's, but at the very, very beginning of the "slasher" cycle! Hard to believe this was made in 1980.

There's a live New Wave concert on TV to vote for the best song of the year (I guess?) although the New Wavers all look like punk rejects and the band keeps playing the theme song "New Years Evil" over and over again. (I defy you to not hum along to this ridiculously catchy song!)

There's a creep caller who only calls himself "Evil" that uses a voice box in some of the most laughable crank calls ever and he's running all over town to kill someone at the stroke of midnight for every time zone. So an insane asylum, a bar on Ventura, a drive-in and finally the studio where the live concert is happening.

It's fun to see Los Angeles of 1980 as I recognized a lot of the spots. There's so many bat-shit decisions in this movie that I can't help but be fully entertained by this madness. This will be on rotation every New Year's for me now along with THE SIGNAL. Oh and hell with it, GHOSTBUSTERS 2 as well!