The Hateful Eight ★★★★½

Second time seeing this one and it was even better than the first time. Got to enjoy it at the New Beverly, my favorite theater on the planet, with the entire Western Night crew no less. We got the programs bring handed out for the 70mm showings (this one was in 35m), along with a great little pre-show that included a Donald Duck cartoon, various trailers, a ridiculous Channing Tatum Mountain Dew commercial and more!

The movie itself. Still think the first half is too long, but now knowing what to expect, I enjoyed it so much more on this second viewing and it was fun to put all the pieces together knowing what madness was to come. After the intermission, the movie is flawless and truly at it's best. I believe Tarantino said telling this story was like pulling back a rubber band. How far can he keep pulling it back before it either snaps or he lets it go? When we resume the movie post-intermission, that rubber band is off and running & the murder/conspiracy mystery unfolds beautifully.

Acting-wise across the board is everyone at their best, but I've got to say this is Sam Jackson's best role since Jules. And I really appreciate Goggins much more on this 2nd viewing. If you watched a "screener" while at home and didn't really pay attention, then you missed the point of the movie. Has to be seen on the big screen, phone off, and fully invested. It makes the latter half all the more rewarding.