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  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake


    Hipster Hitchcock!

  • Grosse Pointe Blank

    Grosse Pointe Blank


    I didn't see this one in theaters, but it came out on home video at a point where I was a hardcore VHS movie collector. I immediately fell in love with it. A black comedy where John Cusack plays a hitman that gets invited to his 10 year high school reunion? With a killer 80's-centric soundtrack? What's not to like?!

    It's been years since I've seen this, but revisiting it was a revelation. The opening sets up that we're going…

  • The Island

    The Island


    What a wacky freakin' movie this was! From Michael Ritchie, the director of THE BAD NEWS BEARS, FLETCH & THE GOLDEN CHILD, and JAWS author Peter Benchley comes THE ISLAND! Starring Michael Caine!

    I wasn't familiar with this movie but it was one of the early Scream Factory releases and I picked it up on their recent killer half off sale.

    It starts off pretty darned strong. I almost thought it was going to be THE HILLS HAVE EYES on the…

  • Land of the Dead

    Land of the Dead


    I still remember catching a late afternoon screening of this on opening night to a half empty theater and just being in awe during the opening credit sequence that I was actually, finally watching a George Romero "living dead" movie in theaters. Once the camera in the opening shot panned to the trio of musicians attempted to play their instruments in the gazebo, I knew I was going to love it. And I did! It's not the best of George's…

  • Missing in Action

    Missing in Action


    So, this movie is... OK.

    Most Chuck Norris movies that I caught on cable in my childhood all tend to blend together, but after a few minutes, I'd realized I'd definitely never seen MISSING IN ACTION. The one I know best (and love) is INVASION U.S.A. for its sheer lunacy.

    But alas, this was the one directed by Joseph Zito (of FRIDAY THE 13TH 4 and THE PROWLER fame!) and it was intended to be MISSING IN ACTION Part 2!…

  • I, Robot

    I, Robot


    I'm not sure why I missed this when it initially came out. I like the work of director Alex Proyas. I mean, I freakin' love THE CROW. I also love DARK CITY. So much so, that I saw it 3-4 times in theaters. (I still need to check out the director's cut. I'm slacking on the Proyas!)

    Ah, my vague memory is, at the time, I was so turned off by excessive CGI that I didn't want to bother with…

  • Death Line

    Death Line


    DEATH LINE (aka RAW MEAT) is one of those horror gems that I only watch once every couple of years, and always appreciate even more on each viewing. Gary Sherman, the director of this, as well as DEAD & BURIED, VICE SQUAD, POLTERGEIST III and several other cool cult pics is so underrated and underappreciated, and you need look no further than his directorial debut to know he's the real deal.

    Set in London and loosely based on Sherman's own experiences…

  • Innerspace



    Been years since I've seen one, but my great memories of it were justified when I revisited it on the big screen this afternoon with a fun, enthusiastic audience of kids and adults alike at the New Beverly! From director Joe Dante, I think this could be one of his best movies, both on a technical level, and just for delivering the perfect balance of action, adventure & comedy.

    Dennis Quaid is Lt. Tuck Pendleton, a great pilot that maybe is…

  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High


    I was lying on the couch, trying to survive another 100 degree afternoon in the Valley with my giant living room fan positioned directly in front of me, while I stared up at my Blu-Ray wall. For some odd reason, FAST TIMES was poking out at me and I felt compelled to throw it on.

    Been years since I've seen this, but I have a vague memory that blends this with all the other "outrageous" comedies of the early 80's:…

  • Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Spider-Man: Homecoming


    I woke up Thursday morning having completely forgotten that a brand new Spider-Man was opening this weekend, which meant I could catch early screenings as soon as that very evening! I saw the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man 8 times (!) in theaters, the first 4 times within the first 48 hours of release! (Story for another time.) So, I know I'm old(er) when I no longer count down the days to a new Spider-Man movie, but so be it! These…

  • The Adventures of Tintin

    The Adventures of Tintin


    I was completely unfamiliar with The Adventures of Tintin comic series, written and created by Belgian cartoonist Hergé, although I recognize the image of Tintin. Also, this movie seemed to kind of come and go with a minor blip. But, I love some good ol' 3D, and I managed to get a fairly inexpensive 3D Blu-Ray of this not too long ago.

    After stumbling through the awkwardly terrible PUNK VACATION, the roomie and I decided to toss this on. I…

  • Shark Night 3D

    Shark Night 3D


    It's summer, so I figured I needed to squeeze in some killer shark movies! And I had only seen SHARK NIGHT once when it originally hit DVD, and my vague memory was that it was awful. BUT, I recently got an all region player, and the UK Blu-Ray is the only way to get it in proper 3D, so I picked it up for something like $5 bucks, and invited some of the guys over to watch it in its…