Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★★

Pros: Everything! I think I learned like three or four things about life after watching this movie and omg Greta Gerwing, I WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU!!!!#%*€££ You are just awesome and I love you!! 

Lines like:

FRANCES: I am going to Paris, I'm taking it on credit.
EXS GF: Oh no, don't do that. You'll get in to great dept and that's what they want.
FRANCES: No yeah, I know. I watch documentaries.

Haha Lol so random xD

Cons: That black and white thing. Cheap trick. I  N E E D  C I N E M A T O G R A P H Y !

(Sorry awesomeness movie don't want to insult you cause you are flawless but I just can't do B&W, unless film)