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  • Zana



    “A po don me ja marrë ftyrën familjes?” 

    As far as local film projects go, this has definitely taken its spot along my ever favorites.
    An almost-perfect depiction of some of the toughest segments of the livelihood of a woman rooted in the reckless, traditional and very much conservative mindset that still resides in the forgotten areas of the rural Kosovar society. 
    The intertwining of post-war trauma, spiritual and religious beliefs, taboos, neglect of mental health and most importantly the…

  • American Honey

    American Honey


    My first actually written-down and not a splurge of epiphany and racing thoughts in my mind that vanishes a few days later—review. 
    Something about this film filled me with a sort of bittersweetness that is not going to be easy to forget. It’s definitely not jaw-dropping, not enthralling, not psychologically captivating, and that’s exactly the reason it makes you love it. A simple plot, cinematography that makes you almost nostalgic, a screenplay straight out of the midde-class suburban American streets.…