American Honey ★★★★½

My first actually written-down and not a splurge of epiphany and racing thoughts in my mind that vanishes a few days later—review. 
Something about this film filled me with a sort of bittersweetness that is not going to be easy to forget. It’s definitely not jaw-dropping, not enthralling, not psychologically captivating, and that’s exactly the reason it makes you love it. A simple plot, cinematography that makes you almost nostalgic, a screenplay straight out of the midde-class suburban American streets.
There is something about the main characters however, that struck me with a familiarity of sorts, as if I either had known them before or they reminded me of myself and someone else, which couldn’t help but put a fading smile on my face the entire time. 
These are the spoken words of real life people that we don’t see in films, the stories we don’t hear and the faces we are not accustomed to. 
This message comes portrayed as a narrative of a young girl who had to raise herself, along with the people beside her who are recognized as hoodlums in an “ordinary” society. 
One of my personal A24 favourites.