Man on Fire

Man on Fire ★★★½

Watching this movie is a constant battle between my love for Denzel Washington and my deep, deep hatred of the editing and post-production of this movie. I love Denzel so much, I have consciously not watched some of his more popular movies so there's always a new one for me to see. I hate the editing and stylisation of this movie so much that I kind of wanted to pluck my own eyes out at some points.

I really can't overstate how ugly this movie is. It's a 4 1/2 star easy in better hands– which is hard to say because I really don't want to disrespect a legend like Tony Scott but whatever this is, isn't it chief.

The performances are straight A+. Denzel is obviously great and Dakota Fanning cements herself as one of, if not the greatest child actors of all time. She's so natural even in the smallest interactions.

To summarise, I simultaneously love and hate this movie.