Ad Astra ★★★★

Let me start off by saying that Ad Astra is visually stunning. Luckily enough, I was able to watch this at AMC Lincoln Square which hosts the largest IMAX theater in the country. I was entranced the entire time as if I was along with the journey. There are so many gorgeous shots not only in space but at some of the stations on different planets that left me in awe. The opening sequence is gripping and is what you consider holding on at the edge of your seat. 

Brad Pitt gives one strong performance, as he drives this film from start to finish. You follow him throughout the journey of finding his father, and he even adds voice-over to provide further clarity and context to the narrative. 

In terms of the story, the less you know the better. I will not give away any of the plot details, but I was invested almost the entire way through. The final act goes into a surprising direction, and honestly, it left me underwhelmed by its execution. I am not really sure how to interpret some of the motivations behind it, so I will have to rely on Reddit to solve that mystery.

P.S. I even got this pin - which is kinda neat.

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