In the Shadow of the Moon ★★★

I generally believe that if you go into a movie blind, without watching any of the trailers or any knowledge of the synopsis, you will enjoy the experience much more.

After watching, In the Shadow of the Moon, I was curious to watch the trailer that Netflix released on their YouTube channel. Sure enough, it gave away a lot of crucial plot points and a significant twist in its story direction. If I watched the trailer beforehand, my rating might have been lower due to lack of intrigue of uncovering the mystery.

The premise surrounding this film is fascinating, and something original in the science-fiction general. It centers around a man trying to track a series of similar murders that occur every nine years. The action-chase sequences are extremely well-directed and full of suspense. The cinematography stands out, and they are able to shoot it at some unique locations.

Boyd Holbrook, who was great as the antagonist in Logan, really gets to shine here, as he is an officer trying to crack down a mysterious case. His character goes through a lot of obstacles, and his determination may lead him to insanity over a period of time jumps.

I was underwhelmed by the ending, mainly because it is a giant exposition dump about why certain events occur throughout time. Still, as a Netflix original, I would recommend checking it out sometime, as you will probably find some enjoyment in it.