In the Tall Grass ★★

In the Tall Grass is the latest Stephen King adaptation, and it fails to be anything memorable.

I read the short story a week ago to prepare for this film, and while I did not love it, it was unique with its bizarre setting and mystical presence surrounding a large rock in the middle of a grassy field.

I know a direct literary adaptation is rare these days, but this movie would have been way more interesting if it stuck with its source material. There is absolutely no reason this movie needed to over ninety minutes in its runtime. It starts to shift from survival horror to science-fiction, as it incorporates the plot of Looper.

The characters have little development despite all of the film's focus on them. The acting is less than inspiring, and the dialogue doesn't help. The horror is lacking - although I must credit the film for not adding many cheap jumpscares. There are some interesting visuals despite the film taking place in one remote setting - tall grass.

In summary, I might have enjoyed this movie more if Patrick Wilson was singing Creedence Clearwater Revival's The Midnight Special while lost in a field of tall grass through the entire runtime.

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