Joker ★★★★½

Now, this is how you develop a villain. Take notes Marvel.

Joker is not only a bleak and unsettling film but a fascinating character study of one of the more recognizable psychopathic villains in comic book history. 

Joaquin Phoenix disappears in the role of Arthur Fleck, as he gives an Oscar-worthy performance as the troubled, menacing clown. Not only does Joaquin nail the iconic laugh, but he has some seriously nice dance moves (although a few bizarre music choices). A lot of the film is spent developing on how Arthur Fleck became Joker. You see his perspective on why he is against society - more specifically against the middle and upper class of Gotham City. 

A lot of Joker’s character progression is built on relationships with the people he is surrounded, including his mother, co-workers, and the citizens in Gotham City. The narrative takes a few surprising dark turns that I did not expect, but it contributed towards his ultimate vision of anarchy.

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