The King of Comedy ★★★★½

I have been sick with a head cold, so I've been binging Peaky Blinders: S5 on Netflix, however, I wanted to take time aside to watch The King of Comedy.

After watching Joker last night, I can understand how this film was influential towards the development of Arthur Fleck and the titular character of Joker. To reach a broader audience, both Joker and Rupert Pupkin look to get their voices heard on a late-night talk show more so for the opportunity of acknowledgment after being in the shadows for their entire lives.

I've seen a countless number of films starring Robert De Niro, and I genuinely think his performance as Rupert Pupkin is his very best. Rupert's stubbornness, determination, and carefree attitude lead him into criminal acts involving his idolization of Jerry Langford. One can argue he was not obsessed with Jerry as a person, but rather, how he was easily manipulative into a ticket into show business and the start of his standup career.

Sean Baker mentioned in his review of how there is not a single scene wasted, and I agree with that statement because of how well it flows from start to finish. The story is told in such a condensed matter, and I found the ultimate message at the end interesting, as it can relate to today's societal standards of certain "celebrities" and their fandom.

For anyone that liked this movie, check out Ingrid Goes West, as I think that is a great modern re-telling of this film through the perspective of Instagram influencers.

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