The Shining ★★★★★

There's no better way to kick off the start of October than the ability to watch The Shining: Remastered (4K) in theaters.

As this is the third time I have watched this film, I can say with confidence that The Shining is my favorite horror film of all time.

It is rare, especially in today's horror genre, that you see a film take its time to set up the scares. Stanley Kubrick is a master director, and his use of camera movements adds a higher element of suspense. The score, while sometimes subtle, is haunting and elevates the more horror aspects of the third act. The production design of The Overlook Hotel remains one of the more iconic locations in its genre.

"Here's Johnny!"

One of my all-time favorite performances is Jack Nicholson portraying Jack Torrance - a pure mad man. I cannot see any other actor having the ability to pull that off. The slow progression of watching a man turn insane over a duration of time amid isolation is genuinely unsettling.

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