Villains ★★★

Preface: One of the perks of working in NYC full-time is the ability to attend early screenings and live events. I was lucky enough to attend a post-screening live Q&A session involving the director of the film - Robert Olsen - and one of the stars of the films - Jeffrey Donovan. It was a pretty unique experience considering I’ve never attended something like this before, and it was interesting to hear a lot of insight and context involving the film. 

Villains is a dark-comedy, home invasion thriller involving four characters that can be considered villains because they all are flawed and have done some criminzaled acts in the past. The strongest aspect of the film are the four performances - Jeffrey Donovan, Maika Monroe, Kyra Sedgwick, and Bill Skarsgård. It was quite amusing to see Bill Skarsgård because all I could think about during the film is his portrayal of Pennywise. 

The story is relatively simple - as it’s about two young couple - who successfully robbed a bank - breaking into a house trying to find supplies for gas. It turns out that the house they break into are an older couple who turn out to be psychopaths. The young couple must try different methods of trying to escape while also surviving in the process.

The comedy is hit or miss, as they do throw a lot of fastballs at you at once. Some hit the target and the jokes that do are really effective. I thought Jeffrey Donovan’s character delivered the best laughs, as he’s more of the wise guy character.

It also does start off a bit rough, but once the main plot hits, it’s a fun ride. It didn’t get as absurd as I wanted it to, but I’d recommend checking it out.

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