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  • Columbus



    Hammock's score for Columbus sounds not so much like a pebble splashing into water but the moment the pebble breaks the surface. There's such little movement in Columbus that change comes through perspective instead of tangible journeys. Casey flailing in a parking lot, releasing pent up energy, is as loud as the film gets.

    Like life living inside a painting, Kogonada's canvas of Columbus allows Casey and Jin to wander frame to frame, aware they're in a work of art,…

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  • Sunday's Illness

    Sunday's Illness



    Everything that's right and wrong about Netflix is here. Coming and going without fanfare at Berlin earlier this year, Sunday's Illness might have had the kind of cinematic release only major-city-dwellers would've had access to. Now, we all get it!

    The problem is it was dumped unceremoniously. It arrived the same day as Set It Up and during a week where everyone is still binge watching Queer Eye season 2. A Spanish/French-language film with next to no hype? Pretty…

  • Hereditary



    Since January, Hereditary's hype has only grown in the way an urban legend spreads through a school playground. A Quiet Place was just a stopgap - this is the real deal.

    It's comparable in pace to The Witch and in tone to It Comes at Night, but has the completeness of neither.

    In The Witch, everything from the religion, to its young female protagonist, to a dominant father figure, to the old timey setting, to the devilish goings on, they…

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  • A Silent Voice

    A Silent Voice


    Boy meets girl. Boy bullies girl. Boy matures and tries to set things right.

    I really hated Ishida. You're supposed to, obviously. He bullies Nishimiya for no reason other than her deafness. He would have bullied her regardless, just because she was new to the class. He is the ringleader and the enabler for his friends to bully her too.

    Cut to years later and something has changed. He's distanced himself from who he used to be. Ostracised by his…

  • The Tale

    The Tale


    In the last few years, with conversations about sexual assault and sexism generally coming to the fore, dominant narratives have shaped how these things go. There is an abuser and their victim(s). It could be in the workplace or it could be something much darker, like in The Tale, but for purposes of an audience, a predator and prey analogy just makes sense.

    A film that pushed back, and then some, was Elle. It didn't so much have a morally…