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  • Manual for Bored Girls

    Manual for Bored Girls

    I saw Kevin and Carrie rate this and couldn't not watch it. Earns its 1 star because I would totally listen to the soundtrack on a loop. The rest is what I imagine softcore Ikea pornography would look like.

  • Rejected



    I never know what to rate short films because their inherent shortness implies the amount of stuff that can come from them is limited. Many stick to a single idea and tell it extremely well - iconic and adorable Disney/Pixar shorts are basic yet heartwarming, entertaining enough to be worth the few minutes.

    Except, Don Hertzfeldt has seemingly broken these supposed restrictions on short films. It's true that many features running over the 120 minute length can still be void…

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  • Elle



    Any film that treats its audience with such maturity is guaranteed a certain amount of respect. Elle is without spoon-feeding, as this morally ambiguous (to say the least) tale is one that rewards open minds with challenge and contemplation.

    Rape on screen has been a talking point for a number of years now, particularly with its prevalence in recent HBO shows. There are a number of rape scenes in Elle, all of them difficult to watch, but removing any would…

  • T2 Trainspotting

    T2 Trainspotting


    The cultural zeitgeist of Cool Britannia in the mid-90s was summed up by a drug-fueled romp through Edinburgh with a killer soundtrack and a gang with a Generation X attitude. Gone are the days of nihilistic living to excess, unironic catchphrases, and the acid house scene, replaced by a general apathy, tongue-in-cheek devotion, and only smatterings of hope peering through a tower of promised and lost potential.

    T2 Trainspotting should not, cannot, and does not try to emulate what made…